13611 B Street Omaha, NE 68144 | Midwest Laboratories

Would you recognize the address above if the company name were not listed behind it?

Sometimes we get so enamored in wanting to know our web address that we forget to tell people about our physical location.  Many of our clients pass through our front doors each day dropping off samples, asking questions.  We need to make it a point for people to know more about our location.  Here is  some geographic information for if you are in the area provided by Google Maps.

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My point, I have been to some networking events this past month, as a speaker and attendee and I still have to explain to people where we are located.  Many people have driven by our buildings but still do not realize where we are located. As a Marketer, my job is never finished. I want people to know where we are located and be familiar with our location.

It will be 35 years this coming May, 2010 and we are still a secret  to many.  How many of your clients would recognize your address if it was posted in an article.  Its always something we are striving for.

Brent Pohlman