Aflatoxin in Chinese Milk

aflatoxin levels in milkAflatoxin is in the news again. In China questions are being raised about the excessive aflatoxin levels being found in milk.

“According to China Daily, the government agency says it tested milk from 128 dairy plants in 21 provinces covering 200 products. Only two were found to exceed safe levels.” Source article:  Mildew causing problems in Chinese Milk

This raises questions again about China’s food production and I am sure stricter safety provisions will be put in place. Remember the melamine scare in 2008, some people were executed.

I am sure this issue will get more attention over the next few weeks. It will also be interesting to see if dairy products were exported to other countries.  Typically incidents like this one create a global awareness and often a number of companies will take more precautions with respect to their production lines.

 Picture via striatic