Determine the Ideal Shelf Life of their Product

Determining the ideal shelf life of a product can be a challenging undertaking since a variety of factors and aspects of a product should be used in determining its shelf life. Every product and every shelf life study are different and should be fitted to the particular goals a client or customer may have. This way, a client can ensure that they are getting the most they can out of not only the shelf life study but their product as well.

There is not one single or set test that is used to determine shelf life, it should come from a comprehensive suite of testing looking at analytical, chemical, microbiological, and sensory aspects of a product. The information from this testing helps create a more comprehensive and cohesive picture of how a product is changing over time. This is where we at Midwest Laboratories can help!

At Midwest Laboratories we have a highly flexible and dynamic shelf life study program that allows a great degree of customization and personalization to each study. We don’t have one set package or design for a study, every shelf life study is unique and tailored to the specific client and product that you are looking to test. Everything from the length of the study to the time points to the testing itself can be adjusted to fit what you are looking for in a shelf life study. Any of the testing we offer as a laboratory can be incorporated into a shelf life study. The study setup and design is something we work closely with our clients on to ensure everything is set up for success from the start.

Every prospective shelf life study starts with a conversation about the product, the study set up and the overall goals of the study. From here we work through the details of setting up the study like time points, length of study, how much product is needed, product packaging, testing and more. The study gets set up following product arriving and then as time points progress data is sent out corresponding to the testing that is being done at each time point. From this data we can help in talking through the changes, or lack thereof, going on in the product as it ages and make adjustments or modifications to the study as needed. When the study concludes, we are happy to discuss the results overall and what they mean in context of the goals set up for the product and study.

Taking that first step in going forward with a shelf life study might seem daunting at first and admittedly it can be as it is a more involved and engaging type of testing. However, here at Midwest Laboratories we will work through every step of the process with you, providing information and testing data from start to finish and answering questions along the way. All the information is laid out in reports at every time point of the study and graphed for you as well to provide a visual element to the changes occurring throughout the study.

???????We can help you through any part of the process from the initial questionnaire and study set up to changes throughout the study to discussing the results at the end. Wherever you are at in the process from just wondering about a study and early planning to the end of your study and wanting to discuss the results, we want to hear from you and we’re here to help.

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