Enabling Diverse Agricultural Operations Through Diverse Analysis

The late Jim Wolf of Albion, NE imparted an important lesson onto his son in the 1960s...

“Your decisions are as good as your information.”

Jay Wolf, the current owner of Wagonhammer Ranches recalls how that wisdom stayed with him throughout his life.  He declares “So, on that note, we make sure that we take the time to run the proper analysis needed for whatever entity we are engaged with at the time.”

When you run a business with a biological lag like agriculture, you have very few opportunities to get it right. Knowledge is the key that unlocks smart, strategic decisions. That is why utilizing analytical testing services is so beneficial.

Running a soil analysis to help support a row crop side of things has improved the information growers like Jay have at their disposal when they are making important nutrient management plans. Just like similar operations across the United States, Wagonhammer Ranches is required to provide soil reports to the DEQ whenever they land apply manure from their cattle.

Jay said even if they were not required to provide that information, they would still run the analysis. Jay comments, “That goes back to what my dad told me all those years ago, your decisions are as good as your information. If I do not have good information to go off from the start and I am just guessing that is not a good way to run a successful business."

Our soil lab opened in in 1975. Our founder Ken Pohlman started his dream and vision for Midwest Laboratories with soil testing for the agricultural industry. After purchasing his first lab, Ken understood that exceeding client expectations through customer support and reliable analysis would place Midwest Laboratories as a staple in the local community.

Midwest Laboratories has an intense focus to test the soil to make fertilizer recommendations based off the analysis. The objective is to help minimize fertilizer use to maximize yield. We know producers have bottom-lines to be cognizant of and we want to help do what we can to help you reach your cost saving and environmentally conscious goals, and soil packages such as the increasingly popular S3C have helped achieve exactly those things for our clients.

The data your soil holds is powerful and can then be used to help you with better crop management, increasing yields, and sustainability driving smart decisions for your company.  Midwest Laboratories offers support after testing as well.

 A unique service offering to Midwest Laboratories is the expertise offered through our Field Representative staff members who are available to answer questions regarding the results of the analysis that has been done and even beforehand if a client is unsure of what to pick during the submission process.

Wolf also mentions the role of animal health and nutrition in their daily operations. Taking it very seriously means they also perform feed analysis to ensure that what is being consumed by their animals is beneficial to the end product. “Tons of feed samples are collected continuously. We test individual ingredients before rations are made. We test the final ration. We want to make sure everything is done and done well every step of the way. That helps us to make those critical decisions to continue superior animal health and a successful business.” A popular feed package that Midwest Laboratories offers that supports operations like this would be the F6: Roughage with Complete Minerals.

The Feeds Lab at Midwest Laboratories supports clients that need fast, personalized, accurate, and reliable laboratory testing to make decisions regarding the safety and quality of their products for animals to consume. They use that information from the analysis to ask questions such as what is on hand that is of the best quality to feed during lactation, or can lesser quality be saved for the Winter months when the nutritional demands of the animal have changed? “There is a lot that can go into the care of our animals and industry support from a laboratory is very important”, Wolf commented.

Jay runs a diverse operation that requires diverse analytical testing and finding a laboratory partner that can accommodate their needs is of upmost importance to their operational success making Midwest Laboratories the perfect partner. From soil testing to feed testing and everything in between they need a company that understands the information they were seeking and could deliver. Midwest Laboratories is well versed in a variety of analysis designed specifically to be helpful to operations like Wagonhammer Ranches.

No matter the size or location of your operation Midwest Laboratories is here to be a supportive resource for you. Growing to the client demand has been what has driven our business and kept us growing alongside our client’s needs. If there are any questions regarding the service offerings of Midwest Laboratories, please feel free to contact our main office at (402) 334-7770 or email us at contactus@midwestlabs.com.

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