MyLab Portal Tutorial - Submitting Samples

Are you ready to submit your samples to Midwest Labs?

I am here to help! My name is Megan Fonfara and I am the Client Onboarding Specialist for Midwest Labs. I provide educational materials to you so that you have the best customer experience possible with our lab. The MyLab Portal is our online account management system, which allows you to submit proper sample paperwork to send in with your samples, view your test results, and even pay your monthly invoices securely online.

In my second video, I will go over the steps to submit your paperwork to print and include when you send your samples. You can also check out my first video where I demonstrate how to get signed up for an account. Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube Channel to watch my next video on all of the added features available to you in the MyLab Portal.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more educational content. You can also view my quickstart guide for the steps to sign up for a MyLab account. If you have any questions on this process, please email me today at! I look forward to working with you.

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