Pet Food Trends 2020

The pet industry is undergoing a rapid growth trajectory. Nearly 85 million homes have pets, and in the last three decades, pet ownership has increased from 56% to nearly 70%. With the increased focus on pet care, it’s no wonder that pet food has experienced many changes. You can expect the following pet food trends in 2020.

Health Focus

Consumers no longer want to purchase traditional food for their pets. They want healthier ingredients that are clear and listed on products. Consumers also want frozen, made-to-order, and fresh food for their pets. Despite the increased costs, consumers are still making this switch.

Small Online Brand Growth

Smaller pet food brands are finding their own niche in the pet food market. Many shoppers are gravitating toward such companies with the assumption that a niche company would have a better focus on pet health, pet care, and food quality.

Pet Treats

On average, pet owners like to give their furry friends up to 10 treats a day. The expectation of quality, fresh ingredients and nutrition that we see in pet food will carry over to pet treats.

Pet Food Education

Consumers today care about what their pets are consuming. They want to know the benefits their pet food provides. Consumers are taking extra time and care when shopping to look at the list of ingredients before making a purchase. They are trying to decide the quality of food products. They are more likely to look for whole food ingredients, with natural, human-grade, non-GMO components. From a nutritional perspective, if the food can meet an animal’s nutritional requirements, then it will increase longevity and quality of life.

Pet Food Availability

Consumers used to shop only at brick-and-mortar shops for pet needs. Now that e-commerce has been added to the mix, pet owners are now able to place orders through apps on their smartphones. When improved shipping is added, the delivery of fresh and healthy pet food is expedited.

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