Plant Tissue Sampling Steps

Plant tissue sampling provides a picture of the nutritional status of your crops. Combined with soil, you can build a 360° view of your fields and crops to make better management decisions that could drive higher yields and reduce input costs throughout the growing season.

Top-quality and profitable yields don’t just happen. There are many factors that need to be considered; like adequate moisture and fertility, proper plant population adapted variety, disease and insect resistance, and control.

Taking plant tissue samples multiple times throughout the growth cycle reveals the seasonal trends of your crop, and differences in your individual fields. Reports from these frequent plant tissue samples can be used to make corrections or additional nutrient applications.

Midwest Labs is here to help you maximize your growing season through our Shared Insights program. The program is a twelve-week intensive plant tissue testing program.

For the first week of our program, you will identify fields one and two that you would like to gain insights on. Next, you will need to submit a soil sample from each field and your first plant tissue samples.

And now Joe Sisco, our agronomic field representative will demonstrate how to take proper plant tissue samples during the first week of your program.

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