Plant Tissue Sampling Steps Part 3

Happy Summer!

Plant season is well underway and corn crops are exceeding the 12-inch threshold. During week three of your Shared Insights Program, the key is focusing on the right leaf from each plant for your sample. Joe Sisco, our field representative, is out in the field again to help demonstrate the process for collecting your plant sample during week three of our program.

He counts about seven collars on each plant. His sample consists of the seventh collar on each plant that he will be submitting for testing. Joe then adds it to his pile of about 12-15 leaves for his sample during week three. Make sure the leaves are clean of any dirt and put them in your Midwest Labs plant tissue bag to send in right away. You can visit your MyLab Portal to view your results for the Shared Insights Program.

Check out our video below where Joe Sisco, our agronomic field representative, will demonstrate how to take proper plant tissue samples during the third week of the program.

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