Pumpkin Breaks World Record

World  Record Smashing Pumpkin

Travis Gienger partners with Midwest Laboratories to understand his soil. His approach for healthy yields begins with soil that looks good and Earthy with organic matter present. An experienced Pumpkin grower, Travis has been growing since he was fourteen and in 2020 he grew record breaking pumpkins in his soil. To be specific Mr. Gienger grew a 2,350 pound pumpkin that was North America’s largest grown and the largest grown outdoors in the world in 2020.

Spring Testing

When discussing the process of working with Midwest Laboratories Mr. Gienger told us: “Every year I do a soil test in the Spring. I then look at my results and modify it to the square footage of my pumpkin plants…I firmly believe a soil sample is the single most important thing you can do to achieve success. Not only is it the best as far as results but best bang for your buck as well.”

Up Next

Everyone at Midwest Laboratories is excited for Travis and what is to come for the 2021 season. We appreciate the opportunity to be a small part of the painstaking effort and dedication it takes to accomplish breaking records.

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