Update From the Field - Kayla Simms


As snow hits the ground and continues to fall, things are just heating up at Midwest Laboratories. In my role within Sales and Client Relations, it’s important to meet all of our clients to learn what’s changing in your industry. How can Midwest Laboratories help to drive smarter decisions for your business? To answer that question, I’m busy planning our teams 2019 Tradeshow and Conference Calendar. We’ve already attended 21 conferences since the new year began and things won’t be slowing down for quite some time.  We will also be setting the schedule to visit our over 40,000 clients.  As many may know and some may not, Midwest Laboratories services over six different industries. Those industries include Animal Feed and Pet Food, Food and Beverage, Fuel, and Environmental testing. We are continually looking for ways to connect with our clients in all areas of the country to ensure we’re offering the analysis needed in your industry. 


Because it’s almost impossible to visit all of our clients in one calendar year, we will also distribute an annual customer satisfaction survey as part of our ISO 17025 certification requirements. In the coming weeks, we will send this out via email our to get feedback directly from you. Keep your eyes peeled for your email!  In conjunction with our survey, we’ll attend more conferences. Coming up soon is Commodity Classic in Orlando, Fl, and Triumph of Ag in Omaha, NE. We won’t let the snowpocalypse of the Midwest keep us from traveling to many of our clients. If you’re planning to attend any conferences in 2019 be sure to let your account manager know as we’re looking for all opportunities to put a face to the name and learn about your business.


The Pet Food and Animal Feed industry have been impacted by new trends and due to the AAFCO standards for 2019.  We’ve had many requests regarding Pentobarbital, Thyroxin, and what is considered “all natural.” The jury is still out on the official ruling for “all natural” products, but we are excited to offer to test for Thyroxin and Pentobarbital, officially! I have seen an uptick in the number of reformulations, requests for vitamin testing, and requests for Thyroxin and Pentobarbital. We have heard the need, and we’ve created methods for testing!

For quotes on pricing and the sample size needed, please contact our Pet Food Team at petfoodteam@midwestlabs.com or 402-334-7770 Ext. 379.


Midwest Labs is also excited to announce the state of Nebraska Certification has awarded us the ability to test for Nebraska Drinking Water. What this means, we are now officially recognized by the state of Nebraska to conduct all methods for drinking water testing. If you’ve been using Midwest Laboratories for your E. coli, Coliform, and water quality testing we can now test and certify for the state of Nebraska. To get your annual project quote or updates on the pricing for your water testing contact me at ksimms@midwestlabs.com!

There are lots of changes and new method developments coming our way in 2019. We’re excited to bring this insight to you the next time we meet. If you’re going to be in Orlando for Commodity Classic or Omaha for Triumph of Ag, please stop by and say hello!