Midwest Labs Soils Receiving Virtual Tour

Welcome to our favorite time of year at Midwest Labs! We are well into another great fall soil season and the lab is bustling. Ever wonder what the busy season looks like at Midwest Labs? Well you are in luck.

We invite you to join Tim Radmacher, Soils Receiving Manager, for a behind the scenes tour of the soils receiving process from start to finish. Efficiency and accuracy are everything and there are things you can do to help the process run more smoothly like clearly labeling your boxes, nicely laying out your samples in order, and including your proper submittal paperwork.

If you need help submitting your paperwork on the MyLab Portal, please reach out to Onboarding Specialist, Megan Fonfara at mfonfara@midwestlabs.com. If you have questions about the soil submittal process this year, please call our Client Services team at 402-334-7770 today. We are here to make this year’s soil testing process a great success for your business.

There are several educational guides provided by Midwest Labs below including our soil season guide. We look forward to receiving your soil samples this fall and thank you for choosing Midwest Labs!

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