Minnesota – Cottage Food Producer Registration

Minnesota Cottage Food RegistrationThe Minnesota Department of Ag executed a new program for food retailers that emphasizes proper food labeling and food safety training.

More information can be found on the Minnesota Department of Ag Website.

If you live in Minnesota and are looking for a laboratory for food testing, consider Midwest Laboratories for your food testing needs. Midwest Laboratories can assist you with food testing  in the areas of food labeling and food allergens.

For a complete list of food analysis, go to the MidwestLabs.com site.

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Keep Your Home Safe From Fireworks

Firework SafetyIn some parts of the country, especially states in the southwestern, western and northwestern parts of the country where conditions are particularly dry.

Here are some tips mentioned in this news story.

  • Start watering your lawn and keep it moist in the days leading up to July 4, 2015
  • Trim bushes and makes sure they do not touch the house.
  • Light fireworks on concrete and have a bucket of water available in case of fire.
  • Make sure you light fireworks 25-30 feet away from buildings.

Take precautions this 4th of July Season and make it a safe one.

photo credit: driveway fire via photopin (license)

How to Make Fruits and Vegetables Last Longer?

shelf life of bananasEver wondered how to extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables?

Check out this news story for some tips. These tips are very simple.

I had never heard of these tips before.

With people buying more fresh, local produce, more processes like the examples shown in this story will need to be discovered if we are going to keep our food longer.

If you want to jot these tips down, check out the ABC 15 News Smart Shopper Page.

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Health Warning Regarding Your Grill

Grilling MeatI saw this news story yesterday and felt it was a good one to pass on this week.

I thought of all the grilling activity that will take place this week and I think it is an important story to share.

Those tiny bristles could be a hazard when preparing your grill.   It can be quite a health hazard.

I made the move a few months ago to just use the tools or hand wash my grill when I use it. Now, after seeing this news story, I don’t see myself going back to bristle brushes.

ABC US News | World News


Flash Flooding – Cities Need Our Help

Flood PreventionFlash flooding is becoming more and more of a concern this summer. This summer has been a very wet one and it seems that the same cities keep getting hit time after time. As a result, flash flooding is also occurring with these record amounts of rain in a short time. Because of this streets are flooding more and the damage is felt in area home basements.

I thought this story also brought home another good point. To help better facilitate the flow of rain water in our cities, everyone needs to step up and make sure sewer drains are not blocked with debris so water does not backup and cause additional flooding.

Do your part to protect yourself this summer from the unusual rains. Clear out your home drains and check the sewer drains in your neighborhood and make sure water is flowing as effectively as it can.